Landscape Design – Construction – Maintenance
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Property Maintenace

A well maintained yard or business property is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it can also add to your property value – protecting your investment. It is a reflection of a dedicated home or business owner.

Frank Walsh Landscape Company has multiple crews that can perform all of your lawn & garden care needs:


Lawn and Garden Maintenance can be as simple or as complicated as the client wants. Our Maintenance crews have the tools and knowledge to keep your yard looking beautiful, colorful, and well maintained.

NOTE: In an effort to remain sustainable, we recycle clippings, leaves, and prunings. These materials are taken back to our facility and converted into compost.





Different Types of Maintenance Contracts:

  Seasonal Contracts
  Weekly, Bi-weekly, or monthly visits
  One-time visits


Lawn Care:

  Lawn Mowing
  Weed & Pest Control
  Athletic Field Maintenance


Gardening and Shrubbery:

  Weeding of Mulch Beds
  Shrub Fertilization


Seasonal Work:

  Spring Clean-Ups
  Mulch & Compost
  Fall Clean-Ups, Leaf Removal
  Brush/Tree removal


Seasonal Color:

  Spring – perennial plants/flowers; bulbs
  Summer – annual flowers; perennial plants/flowers
  Fall – Mums; Kale; cabbage
  Winter – evergreen shrubbery